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about 2 minutes ago  Woy woy vengaboys..
about 21 minutes ago  (2) Vengaboys are back in town
about 53 minutes ago  Vengaboys started playing. I know... so gay, but now I really want to go out tonight and dance. #gay #dance
about 1 hour ago  I have Vengaboys, *Nsync, and Avenged Sevenfold in my iPhone as music.
about 2 weeks ago  @Qmusic_BE it was AMAZING! Thx Qmusic_BE
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In 1998 the world is introduced to the uplifting sounds of Vengaboys. Delivering multi-platinum pop-dance hits back to back with Up & Down, We Like To Party!, Boom Boom Boom Boom!!, We're going to Ibiza and more. Vengaboys reached the top of the charts in over 20 countries including the U.K., Germany, the Benelux, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Poland, Australia and Mexico.

Blond bombshell Denice: "The Vengaboys story was a total adventure. It took us around the world in what seemed like a nonstop fun-fest."

In 1999 it's America's turn. Up & Down and We Like To Party! storm to first place in the Billboard dance charts. Their debut album "Greatest Hits!" reaches USA gold status and they were nominated for MTV Best Breakthrough of the Year award. 

Vengaboys received numerous awards including the TMF Award for Best Dance Act and receive a price for being Hollands' most successful export 'product' that year. (Yes, we beat the tulips, agricultural products, and cheese..)

And the hits keep coming; Shalala lala, Kiss (When the sun don't shine), Uncle John From Jamaica all reach top 5 in numerous countries. In their entire history, EVERY Vengaboys single released, became a UK Top 40 hit..

The group embarked on a world tour through the U.S., Australasia, Japan and South America. Then, after releasing a ballad as their goodbye single, (Kim: "Hahaha! a Vengaboys ballad, what were we thinking?") the group calls it quits and is ready for retirement. Not a real crazy idea after selling 20 million singles and five million albums.

Missing the stage and the applause, the group decided to get back on stage in 2007. 

Vengaboys score once again and head straight to the final with 2 Brazil!, the Surprise World Cup Anthem 2014!

Sixteen years after Europe’s number 1 Party Crew created the first international hit version of Brazil's unofficial national hymn To Brazil, Vengaboys return to the pitch for the second half.

Contrary to Windows XP, 2 Brazil! has been updated to a stadium rocking, booty shakin', high energy, low carb, lean and mean 2014 sing-a-long sure shot.

Where is the Party? The Party's in Brazil!

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